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...but reducing taxes is good....

Lying about tax increases, promising that they'll be temporary when you have no intention of allowing them to be temporary, is VERY BAD. Alas, the voters of North Carolina rained on your tax and spend frenzy last November.

Luckily, the Hag can't veto this and the Democrats can't stop it. Unless the law is renewed, it automatically expires....

...but ANY time you'd be willing to drop the income tax for a sales tax, I'm 100% behind you! Sales taxes are the ultimate in fair taxation. I just don't want Democrats lying to me about them, either.

It's just like Easley looting $33 million from the state's E911 fund to balance the general budget. That money was collected specifically for E911 PSAP funding and carrier reimbursement, not to be used as Easley's slush fund to to keep his pet projects alive. If we were collecting more than we needed, they should have reduced the tax rate, not continued to tax us for a fund Easley was stealing.

Honesty and ethical behavior really shouldn't be all that difficult.


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