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ONLY 1%??? What?

THAT statement tops the idiot chart! That's only 1% on top of the already 60 to 70% everybody is already paying! It ISN'T just the money you see missing from your feeble paycheck every week, or do you even pay attention to that? Just how many more "percents" do you think, "...shouldn't bother you so much."? Geeeez... a staunch Obamamite, huh?

Why don't you just go ahead and give everything you own to feed the welfare recipients, give free health care to the illegal mexicans and the save the owl effort? Oh and while you're at it, throw some of your "change" to the Bernie Madoff foundation! He's always on the prowl for the bright ones like yourself!

This country will never, ever pull its way out of this financial catastrophe until the government gets their grubby hands out of the peoples pocket and starts putting money back in there where it should've been the whole time!


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