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High Sales Tax Does Not Equal Good Education

Has anyone noticed the attempt to link the expiring so called temporary sales tax increases to education? Here comes the rug worn "It's for the children" plea.

Follow the money... The kids are a long way down that money trail with stops at bloated high priced administrations, self serving teachers' associations' demands, wasteful, inefficient and duplicated programs.

The sales tax goes into the general fund, not a lockbox education account. So the education budget is NOT directly linked to the tax.

Expire the tax. The 1 penny sales tax increase is actually a whopping 21 % increase in taxes (state rate (less the temporary tax) of 4.75% vs the temporary rate of 5.75% ... 1/4.75= 21%) Most counties charge an additional 2% but New Hanover charges an additional 2.25% for a "temporary" bloated rate of 8%.

More money for education does not necessarily equal better results. Justify every dollar now spent and fund the programs that can demonstrate rubber on the road results. Drop wasteful, inefficient and unproductive programs.

Remember that the state sales tax rate in 2001 was 4%. How did we survive?


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