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It's not for a lack of trying!

Obama hasn't raised any taxes yet because he was stopped by a Republican controlled House and a handful of Democrats in the Senate who accidently read an Economics book once.

He has certainly yearned to raise taxes. He entered the discussions about extending the Bush tax cuts with the intention of raising taxes on people he considers "rich," as if the upper ten-percent don't pay enough now. Thankfully, he failed.

He's now beating the drum about raising taxes (by cutting subsidies) for the oil companies, which, whether you agree with subsidies or not, will lead to a huge spike in unemployment among domestic oil workers and all but shut down any new domestic exploration and production. Removing these subsidies will actually be cash-negative for the treasury, as you will see a large offset in corporate tax revenues generated and lose the individual taxes that would have been paid by laid off oil workers.

Stung by the legislative defeat of Cap-n-Trade, he's also spearheading the attempt to have the EPA simply dictate all the restrictions of Cap-n-Trade, bypassing and ignoring the will of Congress and costing the American taxpayers billions in increased utiliy costs.

Read his books. Read his WORDS. Judge his actions, especially his administration's conduct during the Chrysler bankruptcy.

The man is a confirmed big-government Socialist who is determined to expand the scope and depth of governmental intervention in everyone's life, funded entirely by taxing the productive, successful entities of society, corporate and individual.

He is a nightmare for anyone who believes in self-sufficiency and individual responsibility, and if the Republicans screw up (as they usually do), he gets re-elected, and we see the House return to the Democrats in 2012, God help this country.

Oh, before I go, I just realized that he HAS raised taxes, by his own admission. You may recall the penalty assessed through Obamacare for not having health insurance? You may recall him defending it on "Sixty Minutes," saying that it wasn't a tax, but an administrative fee? Under attack by attornies general who HAVE read the Constitution, the Obama Administration is defending that outrage of a health reform bill in federal court by claiming that it is legal under Congress' Constitutional authority to raise taxes, because Obama now claims that it's a tax.

See? Lying for a Democrat is as easy as falling off a's as easy as total ineptitude is to a Republican!


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