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My point being....

...STOP the LIFETIME funding for the lazy and irresponsible, the illegal aliens and the baby farmers. Apply that funding to something "useful" such as education and you can easily reduce everyones tax rate, not continue to increase it year after year. This Gravy Train has to come to the end of the track!!!

I don't have a problem with my tax money being used to help get those that are unfortunate to get back on their feet. I have a problem with it being utilized to enable lazy and irresponsible people to sit on their butts, farming babies and dealing drugs for a living, all the while teaching THEIR young how to milk the system for continuing generations rather than attempt to get them an education. We are talking BILLIONS of dollars here in our own state, so imagine the costs to our nation. HELLOOOOOOOO...are you opening one of your eyes yet?

I don't have a problem submitting to a drug test as a condition of my employment which allows me to earn the money to pay the taxes that support these non-doing, societal money milkers. So what would be a valid reason for those that receive welfare entitlements that I pay for, to NOT have regular drug screens to remain eligible??? There IS NO reason and that alone would kick at least 50% of them out of the system in short order!

The problem in itself has to be fixed, throwing money at it is completely ineffective and only breeds for more. Especially proposing the reversion of so-called "temporary tax" promises. Where I come from we call that, "lying to the people".


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