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You need to do some math! Look at the "hidden taxes"!

On top of that huge, VISIBLE chunk of money that comes out of every workers regular paycheck, add the nearly 10% that is tacked onto EVERYTHING you purchase. Then you have your property taxes, then your excise taxes, your white goods taxes, your environmental fees (taxes) every time your auto is in the shop. Look at the taxes applied to your next airline ticket, the gas tank you fill up, the alcohol you drink, the food you eat in restaraunts, the extra hotel taxes you pay when stay away from home. The taxes and fees when you purchase a new car, disposal taxes when you buy new tires. The taxes and "fees" imposed by the governmet on your cell phone and texting use. This list is ENDLESS and growing. The people of this country haven't an idea how much is sucked out of their billfolds. Look at your bills and invoices! I dare you to keep track of your money that goes out to taxes!

60-70% is easily correct if not greater! Sometimes it seems the only difference between socialism and America is: With socialism, they tell you they are going to screw you and how bad. In America, they screw us, lie about it and try to convince us we're getting a great deal!

I love this country with all my heart, but we don't have honest angels with halos over their heads running it as some seem to believe. They sport Jimmy Baker smiles that are just as fake and dishonest as his was. But...get ready! The people WILL get fed up with this and...well...ever heard of revolution?!


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