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When you get a chance...

No kidding. I have no idea how the comment above translates! Only people that think, write and talk exactly like that will understand it, so if this comment was meant to enlighten those of us who respect the English language, you missed your mark by far. We don't understand. And as far as I know, there is not a web site or any other useful tool that can translate it for us.

Get out of the bars no matter who you are. Stay away from the known businesses that these low-life thugs with no education but with lots of ammo hang out. If you have a family, be home with your family and not in these losing establishments that cater to gangs. You can't say that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time if he put himself in that place and time. It was a poor choice of a place to be if you ask me. And the people that were there that know what happened will not stand up and "testify" and "show respect" for their brother because they are scared to death of what might happen to them if they did. How many days/hours/seconds until the next son, father, brother, friend, is laying in the street with everyone standing around with their hands up in the air saying "we saw nothing"?


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