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Were you high when writing this? If yes, then I was right!!

If no, I will write in a language you will understand, OMG ;.)

Run...Do not Walk....Run, Back to School! I guess you dropped out, but so what?

An education can turn this all around for you. In a few years, it will be waaaaay too are young enough now to get away from this messed up life with bad even tho everyone will mock me for 'wasting' my time... I know what I am talking about.

You are at a crossroad right now. Each and every reader has you pegged as a lifelong loser right now.
Are you a LOSER??? WIll you always be a Loser? In trouble with the law? Your CHOICE!!!

You Truly HAVE a Choice.

You said, "this $#@* has ruined mylife".

Not Quite, but I have witnessed many, many lives ruined because of POOR DECISIONS, LACK OF EDUCATION, PISS POOR CHOICES OF FRIENDS, so UNLESS you want to live a life of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, homelessness and utter misery, tell that Family who LOVES you so so much to send you away, after you serve your time.

SEND HER Back to school, she is functionally illiterate at Nineteen years old, when most young women have completed their freshman year of college. As soon as humanely possible, get her the heck out of Brunswick County, it is her ONLY hope!

Sadly, I don't think anyone cares about her... a lot.


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