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I am corals TRUE friend... wait wait excuse me Coral's true friend. You know people like all of you, who sit back and judge people from things the media and other people miss guide you with is pathetic. None of you know her, know who she is, what she has in life, who loves her, and what she has been through. I myself, a mother of two, with a high school diploma and 2 years of college education behind me , and a manager of a high chain business have also been through hell in my life. I've been where she is (aside from prostitution) and that was after the education. Things happen in life and guess what ??? IT"S LIFE !!! You can't control everything. For you guys to judge her (or anyone for that matter) just pushes people further and further down. You need to encourage them , let them know they made a mistake , let them know you believe they will get better, and they are better then this . I am extremly disgusted and discouraged about the population we have in this country by just reading these few comments that people post on this mug shots. CORAL I KNOW YOU ARE STRONG, SMART, AND WILL GET PASSED THIS ! GROW FROM IT , LEARN FROM IT , AND YOU WILL SUCCEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, even if no one else does !!! MUAH =D


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