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No one can deny what coach

No one can deny what coach Cross has accomplised at Tar Heel and West Bladen High Schools. If the step routine at a ballgame between West and East Bladen was his problem, I'm afraid he is in for a rude and vulgar awakening when the next season rolls around at East Bladen.

The bigger question in all this is who runs the two high schools in our county? It is my understanding, that Mr. Finn at West Bladen and Mr. Batchelor East at Bladen were hired for that job. Now, it would appear that "retired coaches" call the shots at our two high schools or at least they think they have gotten to such a lofty position that they think they do. Especially if they have a winning record and a few apperances in the state playoffs.

And where is the board of education when all this is going on? Don't they have to approve the hires that the principals bring before them? Did any of the board question what is going on here? Do coaches have more pull than any other teacher? What about all these young talented coaches coming up through the ranks that are chomping at the bits for head coaching jobs?

A career is a career!!!! Surely there are other things that "retired" coaches can do besides hang around and think they are going to be kneeled too by their principals. It has got to the point that high school athletics is almost like the Pros; God have mercy on our schools athletic programs as it approaches that point.

A far better way to approach this situation would have been for coach Cross to have made a committment to the incoming freshmen that he would be at West Bladen for the next four years to see them through their senior seasons and then have become "truly retired". Board of education, you don't think Coach Cross will be allowed to talk his players over at West to transfer to East, do you? Start doing your jobs instead of spending money in California.


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