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Bladen County Schools

I will try to answer your questions,
Who runs the two high schools, who knows, we are on the 3rd or 4th superintendent this year, thank to the poor selection of our school board. They can't pick a good one and wouldn't know one if it hit them in the butt and I'm afraid the "newest" one won't be much better, all they really needed was a "yes" man who was brain dead and then they would fit right in with them.
Where is the board of education when all this is going all, who knows, maybe trying to find a "yes" man who is brain dead to be the next (4th or 5th) superintendent for the year, at least the ones still in North Carolina and not in California. Here is another fine example of what is wrong in Bladen County, the state is fixing to cut over a billion dollars out of education in the state and this board is asking for more money from the county but yet they (some of them) go to California at our expense to find out how to do their job, but maybe that was good thing since they haven't been doing so good at finding a super. Really, why would ANY of them need to go to a state such as California, and I won't go to my thoughts about that state at this time, to find out how to fix the problems we have here in Bladen County, if they don't know how to fix the problems here then we have the WRONG ones on the school board, and after the past year or so, that is a true statement as they don't hit on much and the 9 of them can't get along with each other like adults. They can't even agree on who should be the chairperson and yet we want them to run the school system, that would be like letting a bunch of monkeys run the zoo, hey maybe that's a true statement.
The best thing that can happen is for the state to lift the band on the number of charter schools and then we parents won't have to worry with the short coming of this group of monkeys any more.
I look forward to seeing the class of 2013, so I won't have to worry about my child being in this mess. I am sorry for the parents who have many years to go with "our" system. They, this board, and it's chairperson won't comment on anything. They have allowed our system to go down hill, we had a good superintendent when most of this board came, including Lewis, Lancaster, Cogdell etc and they made sure they ran him off because he had some good sense and look how it has gone downhill. And were does the chairperson live, his facebook page states Wilmington as his home, did we annex that?
Folks we need Denkins back along with Cross, Dickerson, Peterson and Singletary and send the monkeys home.


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