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But there may be more...

Just when you thought it was over, there seems to be more to this story, so I hear.I'm just a parent, but you wold be surprised what we hear when the folks around us dont know we are listening.

First, we now know that there was a meeting between Cross and the admin on May 16 (bladen online reported this so it may not be true). Was he going to be fired at that meeting? We will never know. I think no. But who knows?

Cross resigns on Monday, May 9th, to avoid the meeting altogether and then get borad approval to switch over to East Bladen. Are we to believe that he resigned, went to East, interviewed, got all of the ppwk done, and then got that to the board all in one day and then got approval? Nope. The ppwk needs to be like 48 hours earlier. He had the deal done on May 6 at the latest, probably before.

This thing was planned out. He was leaving, and he was never going to be at that meeting where he MAY have been called out for smething.He knew what it was. He knew he had something coming if a meting was schduled for exactly two weeks ahead. Something formal was going to happen.

Once Cross gets approval, he runs his mouth to the papers and his assistant coach starts bringing up how mean everyone was to his buddy. He acts like he never wanted to leave, and that he was forced out. But when you think about it, if he was forced out, when did that happen? He never made it to the May 16th meeting.

According to balden online, the principal Mr Fin took his keys away. I think he may have done something wrong to lose those keys. I mean wrong, wrong. Could that be why? Fin is a first year principal and in my opinion those guys are usually so tight they are right by the book. So Cross loses his keys (according to bladen online, again, could be wrong)for what we ae led to believe is no reason at all. But why would that be? There had to be a reason.

It is logical to then think that Cross knew he was (maybe?) in hot water and therefore he avoided the meeting and took another job where he will lose a lot more games (because they are not good) than he ever has but still have a job. The guy is retired and has nothing else to do. Maybe he thought it would all go away. And maybe it would have. But his little followers had to run their mouths. Had to make an issue out of it.

Meanwhile his cronies and flunkies are writing all kinds of nasty junk in the papers, trying to discredit the school and the principal and make Cross look like he was chased out. Now I heard that Fin is a hard a** and not exactly easy to get along with, so he is no angel either. But he has a school to run, Cross only has a team to coach. Could Cross run that school? Don't think so. Who is in charge you ask? Who is worth more, I say.

But could it be that he wasn't chased out, but maybe he ran away? Think about it. He has never backed down to any principal since he has been at that school. NEVER! There has been maybe five principals and they all had to put up with him, good and bad. He got an athletic director moved out on time because she didn't like him. So why now does he back down to a first year rookie, if that is what we are supposed to believe? And for that matter, a guy who everyone thinks is leaving anyway for a bigger school (he is a hard a** but he has done a great job, even Cross lovers have to admit that). I think I know why. He was going to get caught. Stand by on this one. If it is true, maybe he isn't the martyr you all are making him out to be. Maybe Cross Crossed the line, then Crossed over, bearing his Cross, but he really got Crossed up himself. Don't be Cross with is just what I am hearin'. I could be wrong though. What would I know? Im just a parent. Go Marching Knights!


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