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Hold on here!!! What is

Hold on here!!! What is going on?

Coach Cross can't wait to get his team on the floor, even to the endangerment of the step team members. By Granny, I'm in charge here and my boys are going on that floor regardless of who is out there!!!!

Then Coach Cross is told the date that the principal csn see him and he can't wait again. By Granny, I'm Coach Cross and you'll see me when I want to be seen. Why? Because, I'm the greatest( sorry that moniqcure has alrady been taken by Cassius Clay) and besides the principals schedule and teacher evaluations are unimportant compared to me (I'm Coach Cross).

Meanwhile, the train started coming, and then, and then, and then; along came sports writer John and his boss Mr. Robert. Both good men. But who is in charge here. Mr. Finn, that's who. If a person is on the West Bladen campus it is Mr. Finn's business. I don't care if you are sports writers, the owner of a web site, a coach, a teacher, a student. It is Mr. Finn's business, or at least the business of the people that Mr. Finn has been hired to run.

An where is the sports writer getting all this inside information? One would think he would be reporting box scores. Not what is going on behind the scene. Even Robert requires a name(although evidently not a full name) but the sports writer gets away with just saying "an
administrator". And since when is it wrong to congratulate an opponent or opposing coach?

There is something rotten in Denmark and I don't believe it is a rat in the gym!!!!!

By the way, East Athletic director; don't ever tell Coach Cross anything. Mr. Batchelor, if he request a meeting with you; drop everything you are doing and be at his beck and call to include having that gym open every Saturday morning even if Christmas falls on a Saturday. By the way, is it legal for a high school team to scrimmage against former graduates which might include college players and even pro players? And who is paying the light bill for the gym on those Saturday mornings? Is it Coach Cross?

There is an expression in the Bible, "and it came to pass". So shall this. I wonder how Coach Nance feels? Didn't he bring a state Championship to Bladen County back a few years ago? What about coach Autry, didn't he bring a state championship to Bladen County back a few years ago? Fame is fleeting!!!!!! Twenty years from now, they will be saying, who was that Cross guy. I have been out of Bladen County schools for over 40 years and for the life of me those coaches who were also teachers hold no greater esteem in my life than do my English, math, biology, etc. teachers. For those of you who graduated from Bladenboro High School, can you picture a coach or any teacher telling J.W. Black when he will hold a meeting with said coach or teacher? Don't think it would ever happen. Mr. Black was in charge; Mr. Finn is in charge.

And last but not least; Coach Cross quit West Bladen and his players. Mr. Finn and the players did not quit the Coach!!!!!!!!!


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