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WOW!!! We know who Coach

WOW!!! We know who Coach Cross is now; he is the One who carried the cross!!!!

To have the ability to go to a meeting before the meeting date is an awesome attribute to have on one's resume(probably one of the reasons his application paperwork was approved in an astronomically quick time at the BOE)!!

If I make no misstake, day after tomorrow will be May 16. Just kidding you, we all make misstakes in posting and you more than likely meant "a meeting had been planned for May 16 between Coach Cross and the administration". For sure, there is something rotten in Denmark if "Coach Cross was going to be fired at the May 16 meeting!!! If you need a job Mr. Robert and John can surely use you if you are able to uncover those kind of "news" nuggets on a timely basis.

Next thing we know Coach Fisher will be coaching football at West Bladen!!!! Any possibility there is an iota of truth to that rumor?

Taking the gym keys away from Coach Cross made me think of a song back in the 1960's about Daddy taking the car keys away and them it went on to say something along the lines of "we'll have fun, fun, fun now that Daddy's took the T-bird away". Of course, here we are talking about the gym keys and fun can't be had on "Saturday" mornings now that Mr. Finn had taken the gym keys away. Not to worry though, go on over to East and the "gym will definitely be open on Saturday mornings". Looks like Coach Cross is already ruling over at
East. Makes one wonder if a teacher wanted to "on their own" to open their classroom on a Saturday morning for her students to prepare to improve their EOG scores; would it be approved? Just can't build those "brain muscles" up enough.

The Coach did quit "not fired". He quit his players, his fellow teahers and coaches, his administration, his school, his community and I believe he quit on himself. Sure thought he was a better man than that.


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