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Have you seen their numbers?

Have you seen their numbers? Test scores skyrocketed. They are leading the county and the region in many areas that are finally positive! So if he cleaned house of any lemons, that is great! Now, if you look at the Clark story, and you buy that load of crap, you deserve each other. This was a low performing, dangerous school a year ago. It is now a good, solid school. You cry for Cross and you curse Finn. But could Cross run hat school? He was there for ten years, and for ten years the school under performed. Finn is there for less Than a year and now our kids are starting to get it. Clark is right in one area. Finn will be scooped up and will more than likely be gone by July. But with this treatment, who can blame him? My child graduates this year, so at least I got one good year. But she doesn't dunk a ball so I should just be quite, right? Maybe Clark or Cross can apply for the job and go run the school. But if I were Clark, I would be weary. After all, folks know he is running for school board again soon. If he is part of he reason for chasing Finn out, while accusing him for chasing Cross out, it is Clark who will once again be on the outs. I can tell you now, Clark is trying to discredit Finn and it is personal. He thinks he can drum up votes by making it he against Finn. But this will backfire on him, mark my words. He lost to Dr, Smith last time, and he will lose to a pumpkin if Finn leaves. We will know exactly why. You all are worshiping the wrong Cross. You disrespect the principal, and you make Cross into a saint. You have it twisted, and I can't wait until Finn gets his next job. As long as my child graduates before he leaves.


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