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@ what do I know , you are

@ what do I know , you are so right .Mr.Finn is in charge ! He has made wbhs what it is today , not even in a year time. They are jealous because he stands for what is right and he don't back down from these so call people that thinks they can do whatever they want to . They are use to people backing down to them , until they meant Mr. Finn. Mr.Finn and the students are WEST BLADEN !!! I hope we don't have to set in another sports banquet and listen to Cross!!! When ever he would get on the stage , everybody would be like "oh God" how much longer can he go on. ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS , COACH CROSS QUIT WEST BLADEN TO GO TO EAST BLADEN.MR.FINN AND THE PLAYERS DIDN'T QUIT.DON'T BACK DOWN MR.FINN !!!! THAT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE.THEY ARE JEALOUS AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH SOMEONE WHO IS AS DECAITED TO (YOUR) YES YOUR SCHOOL> WEST BLADEN HIGH. AND A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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