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You ask where the BOE was and state almost $5000.00 spend on a trip for two members, I can tell you were they were, it took at least 5 of them to vote to spend this money so some of those that didn't go are guilty spending (wasteing) our childrens money while millions (now over a billion dollars) are being cut out of education at the state level, and this is one of the poorest countries in this state, good job BOE, super job and that's means a lot to us parents that some of you have to go to California to learn how to do your job. As stated in another post here by me (Bladen County Citizen) this group of monkeys are getting worse every day, they go through superintendents like crazy and pay money to other groups to find them because they don't have time ( maybe they were in California looking for the next one) and most likely the newest one won't last long, so maybe they went out west and got the next one lined up. The BOE ask the county for more money for schools and then waste our money like this, this is uncalled for, the schools are running out of paper at the most important time of the year and we have board members in California, maybe there was a big sale on copy paper out there, hope it was cheap and you got a lot to offset 5 grand, how long would that have paid a teacher? how much does the next super make, didn't we run for months without him? how many teachers could we have instead? if all of you did your BOE for free, how many teachers could we have?
Last, I hope to see the charter school limit gone, maybe within the next 2 years my child can go to a real ( as in ran right) school but if I can make it thru 2 more, then who cares, I will be done with Bladen County Schools and the monkey board that tries to run it.


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