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Putting it to bed

Let's go ahead and put this thing to rest. We all know that some people like Cross, while some prefer the decisions and actions of Finn. But we can take all of our preferences and list the facts to find out what really happened, then we can all move on.
First, Cross and Finn did not see eye to eye. Can we agree on that?
Second, although Cross has been at the school much longer than Finn, he never applied for or became the principal at the school. This either means he was not qualified to or that he didn't want to. Either way, he was not the principal.
Third, although Finn did not win a bunch of basketball games at West Bladen, he did apply for and become the principal at West Bladen. Therefore, Cross is under Finn for better or worse. Agreed still?
Cross has every right to seek another job if he does not feel he can work with Finn. Am I right?
Cross may or may not have broken some rules, based on earlier posts it seems that the thoughts are that he did.
If he did, it was Finn who probably called him on it, or the AD. Either way, it probably caused the final conflict.
Cross interviews at East before he meets with Finn, so apparently the meeting that would have addressed any issue and determined whether or not Cross was coming back never takes place. Still with me?
This is all well and good until Cross receives the benefit of an article printed on a website proclaiming he as the victim and Finn as the aggressor who made him leave. This is where it gets interesting.
People assume that because something is on he Internet and written by one of their own, it HAS to be true.
The article prompts the principal to ban the blog writer from campus for whatever reason, right or wrong.
The online news source then makes THAT into the story, claiming the have been banned.
Then this becomes the newest issue. If a principal bans a blogger, he must be mean enough to have forced Cross out.
Bloggers are not journalist, and newspapers are not blogs, by the way.
If the blogger was perpetuating negative stories by talking to kids on campus and then running the stories on the blog, he may or may not have caused a rift at the school.
The principal saw the banning of the blogger as a means to cut off his access? Maybe?
The firestorm of negativity begins, sixty people weigh in on this issue here, and another sixty weigh in on the bloggers website which is edited and slanted in favor of the blogger. Public perception is manipulated to make it seem as though he blogger and the Coach are triumphant.
Now, based on these posts, some true motivations are coming forward. Blogger is a politician perhaps seeking office and sees this as an angle to win a seat back. Coach takes the job at East to start over again and work for a principal he can get along with. Principal is more than likely out the door because of the whole mess.
If everyone got what they wanted, we can put this thing to bed. But the end result is something to look at. If the principal ends up out the door, could that not be the intended result of this mess all along? If, when all is said and done, the principal is forced out and then the coach comes back to West because of it, the rest of the story will have taken place and it will all make sense. So let's just see if that happens. In the mean time, the issue really is over for now. If we put it to bed, we can wake it up later on if what I think is happening actually happens. Then and only then is this an issue.


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