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We Should Simply Move On

Although I have mixed feelings about contributing to this conversation, certain aspects of this thread have been brought to my attention and are bothersome. I believe there is the need for clarity and closure, and I hope to provide at least some of this now. First, to those who support the students at our school, I thank you. After all, they are why we are here. The issue that has prompted this report and subsequent discussion is no longer an issue to us, at least. We will have a new coach by Friday, and it is only fair to he and the kids that this chapter is wrapped up. The personnel action from last week has been completed, and there is no further need for speculation in the matter. Ultimately, speculation on investigations and filling-in-the -blanks of a subsequent editorial will not change anything, rather it will only drag-out the negativity and distract the students and their families from what is truly important. Finally, although it is human nature to want neatly-packaged answers and/or someone to hold accountable, the Bladen County Board of Education is not deserving of the finger pointing we can read here. There is no conspiracy, no plot to discredit, and certainly no hidden agenda. An employee sought an opportunity that may be a better fit and said transaction was approved. If anyone had any idea as to what these board members must deal with every day, they would concur with the notion that this is but a drop in the bucket. I encourage all of us to move on. In life, rarely do all parties see everything the same way. How boring would it be if we did? This will be no different, but, as Bill Pacells says, "it is what it is". Personally, I am rooting for everyone in this situation. For all but two nights during the season, I am rooting for Coach. I applaud his loyal followers, and am impressed with the degree of loyalty I have seen supporting our school. Most of all, we have to keep these kids in mind. They are super kids. They have turned their school around with a remarakable school year and that should be news worthy itself. As of today, my plans are to come back next year even stronger, and this distraction is not enough to change that motivation. Besides, that may be the ONLY way I can get a ticket for the game here in January! Let's look at this as yet another intriguing chapter in BC sports history, look forward to the game when it eventually plays out(can you imagine the hype!), and move on to bigger and heavier things. In short, what is past is prologue, and we shall move on. Thanks for your time in reading this.


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