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#1. If Cross is such a

#1. If Cross is such a fantastic coach (which he is pretty good) why on earth would he not be able to get another coaching position even if East had been taken by the time of his meeting on the 16th. There has to be some other reason why he bypassed the meeting on the 16th. By the way, the East administration was prepared to talk on the 16th; the question is whether or not coach Cross was ready to listen!!!!

#2. Let him continue to have losing seasons at East like his predecessors have and see how long he last. He has the perfect situation at hand because he can always use the old "it is finally time to retire" speech if the heat gets too hot over at East. Even if he wins every game except the two against West; he won't be around very long over at West. Wonder why he lasted so long over at West if there has always been an undercurrent that didn't want him. Remember, Mr. Finn has only been over there one year.

#3. Looks to me like he has already grown some skin if he is the only one who has stood up to "I'm the retired coach Cross and you will cower down to me". It is true that Principals are not always right, because they are human; but they are still the Principal. The coach is not the Principal. By the way, has anyone ever heard Mr. Finn state that he is perfect? Didn't think so. Those words might possibly come out of some coaches mouths we have in the county but not Mr. Finn's.

#4. Now we get into the questioning of why test scores have risen so dramatically over at East. COULD IT BE THAT THE SCHOOLD HAS WON THE ATTENDANCE AWARD BASICALLY EVERY TIME IT HAS BEEN AWARDED? And of course, if students are where they suppose to be; in the class room learning, they would naturally raise their test scores.

$5. Not sure exactly what you meant by #5. As for this tax payor; I don't think any school student should be out selling anything. Take the $5000 that is spent on trips like the one to California by two BOE members and the money that is spent on "the coach" having the gym open on Saturday mornings; and put it toward whatever the students have to get out and sell for. By the way, does anyone know if it is legal for high schoolers to scrimmage against college age and pro age athelets? One other thing BOE, who pays if one of our high school students is hurt in one of these scrimmage games? Obviously, the BOE would pay through a law suit if one of the college age or pro age people were hurt. Maybe we need to let "the coach" take care of those!!!!

Go Knights, win the state softball tournament.


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