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What Do I Know.......Not Much Evidentally

1.You make no sense. East interviews were held on May 6th. Job was filled on May 9th. Let's see that comes BEFORE May 16th, or are you using some new math.
2. The undercurrent has been there and it was feeding Mr. Finn's ear. You only had to look at who he was sitting with during the play-offs. I heard last night that person was going to get the basketball job, should be interesting.
3. Way to ignore my point. He's been scrambling in damage control after the threats of sueing and banning people from campus.
4. Just tell me who you tested this time and who you tested last time. If the headcount is the same and the scores go up, I'll be the first to congratulate.
5. Sorry you just dont get it. Schools have fund-raisers. There is a group of fans who Mr. Finn has alienated and they will be a hard sell. Maybe you and him can make up the difference.
5b. Funny it took a whole year for this scrimmage question to come up. Principal was there from August until May, now it comes up to be used as an excuse. Show me chapter and verse in the NCHSAA handbook.


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