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I am shaking my head right

I am shaking my head right about now. The man has been gone almost two weeks and all you people can do is pine for him like it wasn't his decision. We all know it was. He isn't coming back no matter how badly you bash Mr. Finn. He isn't coming back and from what I hear nobody really cares anymore. He gets to dictate who the principal sits with at games now? Who cares who he sits with. Does he question who you sit with? So then you start dragging the schools test scores into the mix and this has WHAT to do with the coach? Nothing. You act like the school can not go on without this man who didn't even work there. Why hasn't anyone demanded that the coach becomes the principal since he seems to be so valuable? How has Cross made the school better in ten years? Only a team, not the school. Now the school is better in a lot of ways not just tests and everyone knows it. Cross didnt do anything to get it there. And also from what I understand it wasnt even about open gyms it had more to do with having private school kids at the open gyms wich is illegal in any book. The kids at the school aren't good enough without having to break rules to bring other schools kids in? I think everyone knows what happened and someone put it well on this page and that makes sense to me. Some people cannot handle the fact that the school is a good school now and their jealousy has caused them to hate. Their hate is rallied around this coach who didnt want to be a part of things anymore. So take the cross fans and get them some new shirts and hats so they can root for a new school. After all, if they arent there to root for the players, they really arent fans. We need to be fans of the school and for the graduates who dont play ball as well. If Cross doesnt want to be a part of that it says a lot about him and people who are still crying for him.


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