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From what I understand, the focus at West is on posting the best possible test scores in school history for the second semester. My nephew just came home with a big smile on his face, a level four in English class. He never had a level four in anything! The basketball coach interviews are over form what we have been told. No name until testing is over. It looks to me like West has their priorities straight. Academics should always take the front seat, and from what we have seen the West kids are improving big time. I like the message they are sending. If the coach is who we think it is, watch out. The fact is that they have their sights set on being a high performing school that has a great basketball team, not a school that lives and dies with a coach. I will bet that after the tests are over with, they come out and name their coach. From what my nephew tells me, there would be no open gyms anyways until after testing is over with. Isn't that the way it should be? Don't worry. East may have snuck up and stolen a coach, but West will wait until they are ready to respond. But when they do, they will be heard. They can have the coach. I will take a better school any day. Good luck to both schools, though.


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