Submitted by Cacky Catlett on Mon, 05/09/2011 - 9:29pm.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- North Carolina legislators have completed nearly four weeks of public comment on how boundaries for congressional and General Assembly seats should look for the next decade, and maps could be drawn very soon. The House and Senate redistricting committees held their final public hearing Monday in a legislative office building in Raleigh. They held meetings throughout the state, including 11 locations in eastern North Carolina over the weekend. Sen. Bob Rucho of Mecklenburg County is the Senate's redistricting chairman. He said he hoped that legislative or congressional maps or both could be presented to fellow legislators later this month. Rucho would like final maps approved and presented by mid-June to U.S. Justice Department attorneys to make sure they meet civil rights laws. The maps could be subject to litigation. (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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