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How on earth do the interim

How on earth do the interim health director and county leadership not advise the staff at the health department of the resignations of their governing body? How on earth do you let these dedicated employees that have endured so much yet still remain there, go home and see this on the news when you knew 3 days prior? What kind of leader did you put in that building? After all that has happened, it is safe to assume that you finally got your “yes” person. The staff asked again and again what was going on with the press outside the building, to receive no response.

This was her first big test at leadership and she failed miserably. At some point you people will have to start treating that staff with some respect. They are very dedicated to serving the public and do an outstanding job given the barriers that you continue to put in their way. Yet all you guys do is shoot them down and beat them up at every opportunity. This county leadership is getting more and more pathetic with every passing day. As every week and month passes that you oppress these people they will all continue walking out that door, as so many already have along with half of the governing body. Perhaps the county leadership should all get a mirror and ask who really is the problem here?


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