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No Apologies.

The fact that they are asking for an apology is absolutely amazing to me. Guess what guys? We just killed Osama, and al-Qaeda is telling everyone who will listen that they will retaliate against the USA.

With all of this going on, why would you begin to think that travelling by plane in full Islamic garb is a good idea!? Behind our celebration in the last week has been a deep underlying fear of the retaliation that Islamic extremists have been shouting about.

When Islamic extremist groups hold up signs shouting the death of America, when they say that they plan to attack us AGAIN, we fear them. To be so insanely inconsiderate of the fellow passengers on the plane is just a jerk move. It seems to me that these guys WANTED this to happen and they sure did dress the part.

The pilot does not need to apologize. The airline needs not apologize. Not one of the passengers on the plane should feel bad for their decision to take these two subjects off of the plane. They were seen as a threat and were certainly doing nothing to quell the fears of the passengers. I would have wanted them off of my plane as well.


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