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Wow... what a wonderfully

Wow... what a wonderfully bigoted post... So you think that a captain should make choices based on his/her prejudices as to who gets to fly?

What if a captain feels threatened by the garb of Hasidic Jews... does s/he have the right the expel them from a plane?

What about gays, blacks, Hispanics, couples with children, couples without children, etc...? You see, it's a slippery slope.

Not everyone who is a Muslim threatens anyone. Indeed these imams were going to a tolerance and peace conference.

Do you demand that all other religious figures leave "their traditional garb in the suitcase"? Do you demand nuns to take off their robes, Jews to take off their yarmulkas, Buddhist monks to travel without their robes, and so on?

This is what I despise about living in this area... the ignorance and bigotry that pervade so many people. The sadder thing is that most of the ignorance and bigotry is perpetrated by local churches and national pundits.


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