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Allow me to explain some basics to you...

...first of all we lost over 3000 innocent souls in America to terrorist activities by Muslims. They were only unarmed civilian women, children and businessmen, not soldiers. We have had many attempts before that and many afterwards. The PRIMARY aggressors have been MUSLIMS of middle eastern decent! They will be watched, observed and scruitinized at every corner due to THEIR actions and behavior. They have proven what they want to accomplish. I mentioned nothing of blacks, mexicans, Jews, Buddhists or ANYONE else besides the middle easterners that are hell-bent on destroying America. They are violent, they will kill and I can guarentee you they will attempt more attacks in the future! There is no "slippery slope" here, there are facts, proof, threats and actions against this great nation and it's people.

They can practice their "peace" in their own rock-throwing, AK-47 weilding countries. We don't do that here and don't need them here. If they choose to be here they can fit it as everyday citizens or they can flaunt their arab-wear and be scruitinized. It is a fact and it will not change. As I said preiviously, the MAJORITY of America learned all they need to know about Islam after 9/11!

That being the case, I suppose I AM a bigot and damned proud of it! I love my country and DESPISE those that go against it with evil intent. When I KNOW a threat is in close proximity, I ready myself, keep my eyes open and my hands ready! Sorry Cracker-Jack if you don't like this approach, it's simply the way it is and well deserved.

It sounds like you despise this area and it's citizens, but I'm not aware of anywhere in this United States where your attitude is welcome. So if you consider moving from the area, make it a long, one-way trip to Pakistan, Afganistan, Syria or any of the other poor, suppressed, dictator ruled countries where the people have NOTHING but their fanatical religion, mud huts to live in and rocks to throw. may be welcomed...maybe. Just NOT here!


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