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I doubt your credibilty.

Nice try. But as a "commercial" pilot with only "...hundreds of flight hours..." you are flying right seat with your diapers still on! Let's talk 22,000 (that's THOUSAND...) hours to brag about solid, commercial experience! We all know that Timothy McVeigh and his cohort were simply aberrations of our society, not a product of it. If you want to associate McVeigh as a typical example of our military, again you lose total credibiity and show lack of time in the military, if any at all. These psychos have and always will be around in one's or twos, but not as a nation as is the "Nation of Islam".

Look at the news, watch their anger, their violence, their signs, the hatred, their threats and their wishes to fulfill "Allah" and crush the infidels. That would be us, right here in "America". These people openly threaten our country and our society with impudence. They are here among us...waiting.

With having a father that retired from the USAF, that was also a POW and put in over 20K hrs of USAF flight time in his career, you just don't come to par in your statement claims.

No Air Force time...Horsehooie! You're legend in your own mind, don't try to be a SEAL either...
No commercial pilots license...not even with your "hundreds of flight hours"
No understanding of the relationship with Islam and Al Qaeda or their goals to cause harm to America and its people.

I'll choose to be a BIGOT, if that's what you choose to call me. I'll choose to protect the people I'm responsible for that are in my aircraft or on my vessel.

That's why they call me, "Captain" and you, "Coward"! At least I wear a suit with identification and wear a sheet and cover your face.


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