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Well its good to see a

Well its good to see a fellow pilot, but Timothy McVeigh didn't kill 3,000 people on 9/11 nor did he make threats to carry out attacks in many different countries around the world. He was one man. This is an entire network of radical Islamists. People DO get skeptical, specifically because of that.

Timothy McVeigh didn't crash multiple airplanes into multiple targets either. In fact, in recent past, its been mostly extremist Muslim men who have hijacked planes. You can't deny that, because it's true.

Lets take Osama. DO you REALLY think that he lived in Abbottabad for 6 years completely unnoticed? Heck, we even had CIA in a house just a few blocks from him keeping tabs on his house. Not to mention Osama's house stuck out like a sore thumb. I seriously doubt the Pakistani's didn't know Osama was living there. If the CIA did, and had men keeping tabs on the house, the people living there and the military had to have known. Now that that part is settled, since its virtually impossibly they didn't know he was there, why didn't they do anything about it? They could have conducted their own raid and took Osama out. Why, if they are for peace all around the world, did they not attrest or kill Osama? Why did they not force the radicals out.

Look, I obviously know not all Muslims are terrorists, but a religion that seems so bent on peace sure doesn't seem to do anything about the extremists that give all Muslims a bad name.


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