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What is wrong with you people???

IF this had happened to a woman you all would be singing a different tune wouldn't ya?
I don't know what is wrong with society today. People are gay! They're BORN like that...GET THE HECK OVER IT. They're not wrong, they're not dirty, they're not sinners and going to burn in the fires of know why? Because God made them that way. They're not genetic mistakes...They are human beings, just like you.
Those of you who are writing all this crap should be terribly ashamed of yourselves.
Do you lead perfected lives? Have you never said a hurtful thing in your life? Have you never told a white lie? I bet you have, I bet you've broken the law and done all sorts of things too, but hell that's okay because you're straight right? You people need to GROW up and realize that people are people, no matter what race, creed or sexual orientation.
I will pray for the lot of you tonight when I go to sleep...I think YOU are the ones who need the prayers..

REMEMBER NO MEANS NO!! Doesn't matter WHO it happened to. SHAME ON YOU ALL.


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