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I have to ask

was he charged with anything? Did he spill his guts and name the other party?

NC may be backward and behind the times. But, unless the legislature takes action this year, there are certain sex acts which are considered "crimes against nature".

Since he admitted to certain activities, did they charge him with "an act against nature"?

The media is really missing out here.

Bring Springer to town & let him do a few shows in our beautiful downtown. Imagine the hilarity in watching this guy, and his new friend, when the new friend's spouse or significant other comes on stage.

How about Oprah & Cosby doing a couple of segments on the gang element and those clubs such as Rhino. They may need interperters as these 5 star Gang Generals barely speak literately.

For that matter, maybe the City could convice Oprah to drop a few million and build a Hotel next to the Convetion Center.

On another note, why not try investigative reporting WWAY. Turn the evening news anchors loose downtown, after the 11:00 news, and see what investigative reporters can develop. I can see Chris & Cachy wandering downtown with a cameraman.

Scene 1 -- they come upon 2 young men. One seems to have his face in the crotch of the other. Chris -- "excuse me; what are you doing there?" Cachy -- "is that a crime against nature? You need to move to another state where it is not. Try Indiana"

Scene 2 -- it's 3 AM. They happen to be in the parking lot at Market & Kerr. Young gentlemen are exiting the nearby club. Chris -- "excuse me; what are you going to do with that gun? Gutteral response, which no one understands for the pistol holder. Cachy -- "I really like the color and pattern of your tee and head gear. Where can I get those?" Another gutteral response which no one understands although Cachy gets a panic look on her face as he puts his arm around her; begins guiding he toward the 63 Impala; and calls her Mama.

Scott -- you're really missing some opportunities here to boost your ratings. Maybe you could include the Mayor as part of the roving news team.

It's been a long day already.


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