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There is so much that's

There is so much that's completely wrong in your post...where to begin? The State of NC is stuck in the middle ages when it comes to sexual assault, as many other states (and nations) are. However, the truth is plain and simple. Non-consensual sex (with or without penetration) is rape. A woman can rape another woman even without penetration. A man can rape a woman without penetration. A man can rape a man without penetration. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, as Will Shakespeare said. However you call it, it still is unwanted sexual contact and it still is rape.

What happened in the bathroom is not under question. That was consensual sex and thus ok (regardless of where it happened). What happened behind the alley, however, assuming it did happen, is certainly rape or, if you want, non-consensual sex. Whenever someone says "No" the other party has to stop. If the other party continues, then it's rape.

As for the nature vs. nurture argument with regards to homosexuality, I know for a fact I was born straight. But I also know people who knew for a fact who were not straight. Who would willingly choose to 'become' homosexual so as to be discriminated against, hated, derided or even killed (see Matthew Shepherd)?

As to the argument that God wanted us to be fruitful and multiply, that's just your religious belief with which I and others don't agree. There are over 6 billion people on this earth, most of whom are barely surviving as is. Just in the U.S., there are thousands of kids who are in the foster care system because they are unwanted or abused. Their parents certainly did multiply and may have met God's goals, but they have failed as human beings and parents.

Since I am unable to have kids and have had to have a hysterectomy due to cancer, I guess I must be worthless in the eyes of your God as a woman... I'm glad my husband values me for the person I am and not for my having (or not) a uterus.


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