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I dont know why I reply to

I dont know why I reply to fools like you but I cant help myself! Number one no one supports me I paid into this system. Number two this is the first time in my working years I have had to draw and I am 56, and I have had 4 jobs my whole life and one was for 25 years!
Its not my fault I lost my job, its not my fault people are looking over my hundreds of resumes for someone younger,and I am having to sell my home thanks to Govenor Perdue! So dont give me this how long do we have to be supported crap! I say I dont wish this on anyone but maybe you need to be put in our position for awhile see how it feels, you and Govenor Perdue and people in the House and Senate let them not know where their next meal is coming from, go to bed at night and not know if that bed is going to be theirs next week. Let your children ask you to take their mother out for Mothers Day and you have to tell them no because daddy doesnt have the money. Thanks! I sit at home every day and night sending out resumes and even been to a few interviews and still nothing, and no help, when we could get help if someone would stop trying to make a bigger name for themselves and just meet in the middle for GODSAKES!


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