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Once again, I agree with

Once again, I agree with you, commonsense...

I am a 50 year old with an advanced degree, years of credible and long term work history, but find myself unemployed, due to company shut down and subsequent lay-offs. AM I angry about paying into a "SYSTEM" and not getting UE benefits forever and ever?

I prepared for this in all the ways that you mentioned above, because I wasn't living the high life with my head in the sand. I knew that my company had potential to be adversely affected by the shift in the economy. That is when I saved more and even more,invested wisely, and remained debt free, while living within my means, which is a GREAT feeling. A novel idea...

I don't care what the Jones have or what makes the move to the beach look like a success to the family left behind. I slept at night knowing that I could afford the MOVE in THE FIRST PLACE.

TWENTY years ago, when we decided to move to Wilmington, we analyzed the sensibility of the move FIRST. We asked ourselve if we could afford to begin all over, at a low wage with no job security, but most of all, could we afford to leave the super-duper, fantastic, great paying, long term year job that we had, and weighed the consequences. We didn't chuk it all in favor of fun in the sun without ANALYSIS!

Lots of people whom I have met have flown to the sunny shores in search of PARADISE and life at the beach, to excape high unemployment up north long before it hit here, without so much as a single thought of giving up a good job.

It's a "me/me ENTITLEMENT society", with caviar dreams and romance in the balmy breezes, until disaster strikes and then it is the governments DUTY to support this fantasy world? about the dreamers Mc Mansions sitting on the auction block?? No worries, when the same me/me people threw caution to the wind and did not buy within their means? It's the governments fault!

You Dreamers are wrecking our paid off house investments. Thanks, right back at you!

News Flash, Grow Up! It is not the Governments Duty to support you dreamers! Pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps!


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