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Different Situations for Different People

I have read these comments over and over.I,too, am a high paid professional, 54 year old female, and find myself unemployed. Lost my job to no fault of my own. Divorced after 25 years of marrige. I have worked ever since I was 16. NEVER took from the government. I do agree there are abusers in every situation. BUT this economy is in a mess. There are thousands of people out there that are suffering through no fault of their own and their claim is legitimate. Unemployment should not be touched!!!! There are alot of other FREE money programs that could be cut. This is political BS.Where is all the money going from the lottery? What happened to the American dream when the President says it is better to rent than to own. People just don't get it and don' t care if it does not affect them. Being on unemployment is humiliating. Depend on our government? That is a joke.I am sure I will never see my social security. And yes Medicaid is very much abused. So are other programs.


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