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Hey there Bubba, my man...

I am so sorry, I am not the heartless wretch that you think I am!

It is such a shame that you never had any breaks in your life!

I am also sorry that you had "stuff" happen in your past!
(like no one else has, right?)

My deepest sympathies for never having the advantage of becoming a Boy Scout.

See, if you had become a Boy Scout.... You would know their Motto,
"Be Prepared".

I am a female, so I was not a Boy Scout either, but I AM ALWAYS prepared, and take responsibility for my life, the GOOD, the BAD and the INDIFFERENT.

And... I have CHOSEN it to be GOOD, and I have MADE it GOOD and my God has rewarded my back-breaking efforts at making right choices, hard work-ethic and mind-numbing, on-going education.

... and I don't blame you for one Single thing in MY LIFE!


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