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They are NOT thinking about this

1- I received the phone call from the Bruns. Cty Schools as a message bc I was not able to answer the phone. I had NO way to voice my opinion. Nor was there ANY other opportunity to do so. I think this was VERY unproffesional and unorganized way of obtaining tne information. It was not a vote by the parents, only the parents who were home or not working to be able to answer the phone. I looked for a paper vote that week thinking to be sure they would have that kinda of sense. - NOT these people
2- So now that we have it stated that this was not fair...
3 - I think this is on a road to many problems. If the ten teachers jobs saved are going to help the students, actually care about the students outcomes and success then I am better with that decision. However, my 8 years of experience with the school system is that no matter how many emails and phone calls a parent makes-- they don't try any harder to help me child. AND they are very good students and never a trouble maker.
4- I think i would rather have put the money towards more support for the teachers we do have to help them with the classroom and supplies, versus stretch it out anymore
5- Also, for all the parents who leave as soon as their middle schoolers get on the bus at 7:00 or so, so they can go to work --- now I know these "sleep patterns" they are saying helped their decision.... sleep patterns??? therefore they will sleep past their alarm bc the parents are gone to work.... then they miss school.... then the kids miss work... then the school calls the parents... kids do need responsibility.... but a parent still is responsible to make sure they are at school. I will call the school board to pick my child up because I am working... yeah right.
6- I am very happy that alot of parents are not affected bc they are flexible at work or are fortunate not to have to work..... but I will rather put my child at a private school in Wilmington than deal with this school system.
7- Rather than worrying about the kids sleep patterns and school learning.... start paying attention to the needs of your teachers now-
8- Many more checkouts for doctor and dentist appts now.... many try for after school to not interrupt the school day... now it will not matter!
This is a disaster in the making.... I have read many articles about a four day week that had WAY better results than this bell system starting at 9


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