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I don't think anyone is

I don't think anyone is asking for them to take care of their children...... You sound like it is not a hardship on you or your family --- yay for you.... but welcome to the real world where people work and are expected to be at work at a certain time.... their boss could care less than they have kids that now are starting school at some stupid hour.

I know several kids that work after school to help pay for their car insurance, gas etc.. I know one child who helps pay for the household bills for her single mother.... but this will cut two hours into her schedule when they close at 9. She has to ride the bus and now will get home after 5. That is stupid.

So, these parents are teaching their kids and taking care of their kids _ morals, work ethics, and such...

By the way... sports are important to keep them off the streets, out of trouble, and possible college scholarships... narrow minded people only see what they want to see or what makes it interesting for them to talk about.



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