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This crime happened in the Town of Wrightsville Beach and Not Wilmington, she didnt even know what town she made the crime in apparently,and at the time she turned herself in there were warrents out for her arrest on 17 different counts... "Harverd"HAHAHAHA .... Thank you to Wrightsville Beach Police working with the Wilmington Police for catching this criminal for tearing up our home, especially while renters were there, had they not been there and we were were home trust me she would have been very easy to find lying face down in the living room, not moving, also thanks to her for the several thousands of dollars to repairs, so stupid to take all the portable phones out of the jacks but leave the main line connected in the kitchen and security phone intact in the elevator "Which is where the 18 yr old not of color girl made the call to police while the robbers were till there". Its money that allows us to prevent crime before it happens, now we have 14 cameras in and around our homes on WB. and the WB police were on the scene in less than 4 min. My only suggestion would to have left the bridge up until they were both caught.


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