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You said,

"There are so many more things draining our economy, oil companies for example and tax cuts for the wealthy."


"It's time our government start worrying about the big picture for ALL of us and not just who is getting rich OFF of us."


Chrissy, the "GOVERNMENT" is THE "so many more things draining the economy" of which you speak....

FACT~The sales tax that you paid on the flip flops that you just bought, and... the exorbinate 48% and higher wage taxes that our generous and "industrious" business people pay from their bountiful LABOR, (while also putting COUNTLESS people to work within their companies), helped fund Obama's stimulus package (for one wasteful example), WHICH, in turn was WASTED and put no-one to work, helped put no one to school and failed miserably while wasting billions of wealthy peoples HARD EARNED MONEY. So to use the 48%: That is 48cents of every dollar, wasted! Is that FAIR to those industrious Americans?
Wealthy people are LEAVING the U.S. to live and they are taking their companies with them, to shelter their hard earned money from careless wasteful spending, so you and obama won't be able to call out the "rich people" like they are the problem much longer!

Switzerland is one of the many exit strategies for "rich people", but when they all leave the USA, there won't be any oil companies to blame, or any companies or any businesses, because they will exit as well.
"The government is not the solution, the government is the problem" Ronald Reagan

Think about it all, very carefully! And you can still be an advocate for education, like I am!


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