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Just looking at statistics

Just looking at statistics from AGI ( a statistic division of planned parenthood) 45 million lives were silenced between 1973-and 2005. My family and I recently toured the Holocaust museum in Washington DC- those statistics- 11 million lives silenced- the reason- they had a whole section in the museum to bring awareness as to how a society became brainwashed to believe they had to bring forth a "superior race" to rid this race of those who were disabled, considered weaker, of different religion, appearances, etc. The whole process involved convincing the people that their lives were much better and more valuable and that they as a nation would be better off if they could rid themselves of those lives considered inferior. The museum ended its exhibit talking about modern genocide today and how we should be aware and take action against this. Abortion is a modern genocide. People can argue that these aren't truly lives but get real- with so much advances in modern science today we know how to bring forth life in a petri dish and have a 3-d images of this life, knowing changes that come forth day to day and week to week- if you are not aware educate yourself - it is truly amazing. We as a nation can not, must not act participate or pretend to justify this horrific crime any longer.


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