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As a teacher, i find it

As a teacher, i find it really sad that the education budget seems to always be about who owes who, who is responsible for the situation, or party against party. It should be a no brainer. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO OUR CHILDREN! Education is always going to have a large budget, but it's worth it. People keeps talking about the poor state of the economy and we need to focus on jobs and unemployment. What kind of economic future are you securing for not only this state, but the country when education is facing such cuts. The ramifications of these cuts will most definitely have the most impact on the economic future of this country, when students are forced to sit in over-sized classrooms, where textbooks are facing a decade in age, where programs are eliminated or downsized taking away maybe the only avenue for some students. I fear the day when the drop out rate is higher than the success rate, when there isn't a higher education future for students due to budget cuts and an increase in tuition, when career and technical courses are not offered in secondary education because our "friends" in DC don't see the importance of the Perkins Fund. The future of our economy is the students sitting in our classrooms and if we don't see the importance of preserving for them what is right to get for "free", then why even try to better this situation we are in, because without a good education, the best education and not the bottom of education, can anyone honestly foresee positive growth in jobs and a decrease in unemployment. If so, please let me know where you are looking. By the way, North Carolina DOES NOT have a teacher's union!


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