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duplin schools cut 210 jobs

First of all, according to Family Guy (on the Fox network), North Carolina is 48th in education. There could be a lot of other cuts done to take care of this problem. First and foremost, cut out all field trips. Cost is too much, and taking a chance of a mishap is not worth the kids getting a "free pass" for the day. They could just stay home. Cut the week to 4 days. This would save on fuel and wear and tear on the buses. (It might make some parents mad that are only using the school system as a free babysitting service.) Start school a half an hour later. This should be easier on the heat and cooling bill. Leave out all of the fund raisers, door to door sales, bake sales and celebrations of the holidays out of the class. Keep learning in the school. Next, get rid of all of these teachers that are just nubs in the class. If they have no interest in teaching, then they should go. This is not the welfare system. Other states have gone to this method, and they say it is working. If you lay off teachers because of no money to pay them, you are still going to provide unemployment for them. At least if they are working, there is a good excuse for handing them this money.


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