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You're the one

who needs to come up with a new argument. How could the Republicans have maintained the oil subsidies during the many years of Democratic control in the House and Senate?

This is the first year the Republicans have had a majority in the House in quite a few years. Been even longer since they had one in the Senate.

So please enlighten us. How could the Republicans have maintained oil subsidies in a Democratic environment?

I know; I know. It must have been W.

But if we are going to take your point seriously, what do we call all of the Federal funds expended for Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps and free cell phones just to name a few of the many entitlements which are carried on the backs of the taxpayers?

And check the records. Oil companies pay a lot more in taxes than the various entitlement seekers and recipients who pay nothing as they do no gainful employment.


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