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Yes I will agree Berger appears to be out there....something is wrong with this guy!!!! However has anyone looked at the other righteous ones on the board....Thompson is a bully, loud mouth sore loser that is why he will not run next election...THANK GOD! Barfield was a pushover to be in charge since the bully Thompson made a comment he is the man and guess what everyone went with it...was that out of fear? After all we do have recordings of Thompson wanting to duke it out with folks as this fine christian man uses word that are not only inappropriate but offensive to some. Then you have Davis a lawyer...who only wants what is good for his cronies and then the other one who he goes with the group. How sad!!! ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF...MY 10 YEAR OLD ACTS OLDER THAN ALL OF YOU. SOLUTION......GET RID OF ALL OF YOU AND PUT A NOBODY UP THERE WHO HAS NO TIES IN THE LEGAL WORLD, CONSTRUCTION, BUILDER ETC WORLD. THEN MAYBE THE PEOPLE WILL BE REPRESENTED TRULY!!!


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