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Let's talk about Berger...

Seriously - we all KNOW the general value of Thompson and Barfield. Davis is conservative when it suits him, and Catlin seems to have lost his passion for cutting spending now that he's IN the good ol' boys' club.

Berger obviously has problems. I still think he was drunk or medicated in that rambling, incoherent interview, and the incident with his married girlfriend indicates he doesn't bat one-thousand in the judgment department.

But he seems to be the only one who is the least bit interested in stopping the corruption and insane spending. Ever wonder how ANY and EVERY incident involving Berger appears immediately in all the local media? Ever wonder if he IS being set up, because he poses a threat to the "club?" I have to wonder too, how many of the anti-Berger posts are typed by people who stand to benefit financially from "business as usual."

Let me ask you this - who do you trust to look out for YOUR financial interests - Crazy Berger....or the oh-so-predictable Barfield and Thompson?


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