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unfortunately the article is on target, regardless of motive

I enthusiastically supported Brian, and have been slowly regretting it week after week with each bump in the road. I'm also starting to take offense as a solid conservative citizen of this county (again, I both voted and volunteered for him) at his increasing blaming the media and other commissioners for his own foibles.
It's not too late, but if he doesn't straighten up and get his act together quick, he will permanently be branded a nutjob by this whole county (both sides of the aisle).

I and my neighbors (who also voted for him in both primary and general election) also cringed when he started bandying about the corruption allegations then still has yet to back up his words. I'm no fan of his targets, but if it was me on the other end of libelous, baseless accusations like that in such public forums I would have punched him right in the mouth.

Still time Brian. Get these plans together you're always talking about, quit being late, please quit throwing around the "he touched me" thing that comes up again and again, and next election it will all be forgotten.

Otherwise, he will simply be marginalized and ignored.


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