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Well go figure that.....a club not downtown causes trouble...Did the wonderful Mayor and the other dit wits on city council take note? Proably not as long as they don't interfer with the rich clubs!! Where are all these low lifes going not...back downtown? That will mean all the cops I see every weekend standing with their arms crossed drinking coffee and sizing up the women will BLAME ALL THE OTHER CLUBS/BARS DOWNTOWN as the trouble makers. You know what the problem is the low lifes with their pants down to their knees wearing hoodies walking around like they dare anyone to speak to them. COME ON GUYS YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS...I HATE TO SAY IT BUY MOST ARE BLACK OR HISPANIC AND YES THERE ARE SOME WHITES, HOWEVER LOOK AT WHO GETS ARRESTED...WHO IS SHOOTING EACH OTHER? Please don't give the excuse that the white man is holding the black man down...after all the black man gets all the help from the governemnt all the grants etc. all they have to do is walk in and the rubber stamp okays it!! Very frustrating for someone who is a 4.0 student , 25 and turned down for grants!! Yes it isn't fair but do I cry about it or better yet shoot someone...NO I go get two jobs instead of one and go to school full time! Get rid of the rif faft so the rest of us can enjoy a weekend downtown and stop blaming the bar owners they are only making a living. Can't wait to hear comments!!!!!!


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