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Here's my comment!

I agree with you!

Especially the part about not being able to 'get over' to have the free ride on Pell Grants. Being a serious fulltime, 4.0 student while having to bust your A$$ to be able to pay for your tuition, books, fees and clothes, while watching the inequality of grant distribution.

Maybe you should have a moment of utter mindlessness and check anything but White under race on your Pell Grant Application. Forget it, afterall. The authorities would find you, and only you, and you would get 20 to life for fraud. (while the others who commit fraud on the Pell system ride the $$$$ Train forever.

This should be the best time of your life, you should be able to have some fun at the BARS downtown. (They really aren't clubs, but clubs sounds more "quaint". Don't buy into it.)

Downtown is not the problem, the bars are and they attract some rough crowds..and...there is NOTHING quaint or FUN about downtown at 2 a.m... Muggings, Rapes,Robberies, Fights, Stabbings, Murder. Sounds like 18th Century London.

Let the THUGS take it they already have. Stay away from there! Be safe! You are setting yourself up to be a gentleman that I would love to see flourish in life! Don't be the victim of a baseball bat, a knife, a stray bullet...that will render you a vegetable at age 26. Get out, stay out. Meet that sweet girl somewhere else!

Wonder how many UNCW and CFCC Parents are monitoring their college aged daughters week-end activities? What kind of girl would want to get sooo drunk that she vomits all over the place, including cabs and limos?

To all the readers, who have never seen it... that is what is going on at 2 what used to be Quaint Downtown.


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